holiday for some?

Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

I think it is a Bank holiday for those of you in North America, and I wish
you well. I shall be off list for a while but not for a holiday. I hope soon
to be back fitter than I left. I spoke to a friend last night about Jaws,
and he is still surprised that next version is named jaws 13. I said we
are hoping the fix for jaws 12 will be a good one, as some will not buy
jaws13, surely they must do that. He said putting jaws 12 right may not be
worth fs doing if "it needs a lot of coding they will expect jaws 13 to do
that. I asked about windows 8 since I know he has a copy he said it is still
very raw stage and he doubted it will be out for another year or more. Well
that is just 1 mans opinion of course Thanks for putting up with my poor
typing and lousy punctuation. Regards Dorothy.

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