Re: simply do not alt tab using Adobe & JAWS 16-17; great conversation with Adobe Systems

Tusing <ptusing@...>

Hi,Thanks for all  who responded.

As a few (not the  majority)  of people said there weren’t   issues with JAWS 16-17 andAdobe DC,

I contacted Adobe Systems

I  was  promptly called back and had the  nicest conversation  with  an individual very  knowledgeable with  JAWS and  Adobe  D C interaction  and knowledgeable about     earlier JAWS  versions with    earlier Adobe versions.

To sum up, the  older versions of  adobe are still on the Adobe Systems’   site; and

“good news”  the issues (plural) between  adobe and JAWS 16 and 17  are known and are being  worked on.

That’s  good enough for me.

Fortunately, I still have an earlier  version of  Adobe which works fine with JAWS 12, 15 and 16 and well  with the respective MAGIC versions used with   JAWS ; and I  do not  encounter any  of the “ known issues”  that can occur with   the  most recent Adobe and JAWS versions.

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