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Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

For john martin hope it helps. dorothy

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Hello there;

Well, if you want to import messages to your outlook2010,
You need to either have the virtual ribbon on or off,
These steps are used with the jaws virtual ribbon off.

Try the following;

1, you first need to have the saved outlook data file on your new computer.

Next you need to open outlook2010,

Press alt+f=file,

Now down arrow and enter on,
Open tab, now arrow and enter on import.

You now need to make choice, the one which is highlight is your choice,
Import from another program or file

Now you tab next press enter.

Again you will need to make choice,

So arrow and highlight,
Outlook Data File (.pst)

Now tab next,

Now your being asked, where to import from, what file, what location.

And also tabbing you can make choices,

Hopefully this will help you.

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From: Dorothy [mailto:Dorothy.ingram-gorban@zen.co.uk]
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To: David
Subject: Fw: Importing outlook express mail messages to outlook 2010

he needs a bit of help and i cannot explain re stopping mail the tafn
is seen to,so we can do Jaws on Monday if that is ok with youthanks dorothy
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Subject: Importing outlook express mail messages to outlook 2010

I just got a new laptop and backed up all my old mail from the old laptop
and now set up all the new profiles in outlook 2010. I would like to
those data files into outlook 2010 but I can't figure it out. These
ribbons drive me crazy and using JAWS is such a hassle with the ribbon.
Can't seem to find the settings for importing messages.
Also, is there a quick way to switch profiles while in the program?
Thanks in advance, I am working on a project right now and don't have the
time to go internet exploring.
John Martyn

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