Rick Miller

I am trying to use the drag and drop keystroke to burn some tracks from my Windows Media Player library, and I'm doing something wrong and need somebody's help.

When I first get started with the burn process, I arrow over to the "Burn," button and hit the Enter key. I then insert my CD. I then tab over to the primary list in my Windows Media Player library. I arrow down to find the track I want to add to my "burn," list. When I find it, I use the JAWS keystroke to drag and drop, which is Control+Insert+num pad slash. When I use this keystroke JAWS says, "To drag , place the JAWS or PC cursor in the drop location and then hit Control+JAWS key+num pad slash." I then tab over to the "burn," basket, which usually involves hitting the Tab key twice. When I am in the burn basket, I then hit the Control+JAWS key+num pad slash key combination. JAWS usually says, "Drag to drag," but after it does the track which I was meaning to drag does not appear in the Burn List. The Burn List still just shows that there are 0 items. I'm sure there are probably at least one of you listers who have burned tracks from your Windows Media Player library, and perhaps you can tell me what I'm doing wrong and give me some guidance and some help.

Thank you.

Rick Miller

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