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I think you can turn the ribbons off, some on this list will tell you what to do, I only know I had my Outlook express stuff backed up as dbx files,and of course Msoutlook archives as Pst, Import and export I grasped, but only thanked heaven my external drive had backed up so much,, I did ask an engineer how it could have backed up mail dated long before I ever heard of an external drive. He said" you do not understand the principles of backing up I most certainly did not understand how some were saved in triples,but think that is an option,it can be set to 1,2 or 3 good luck

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Subject: Importing outlook express mail messages to outlook 2010

I just got a new laptop and backed up all my old mail from the old laptop
and now set up all the new profiles in outlook 2010. I would like to import
those data files into outlook 2010 but I can't figure it out. These virtual
ribbons drive me crazy and using JAWS is such a hassle with the ribbon.
Can't seem to find the settings for importing messages.
Also, is there a quick way to switch profiles while in the program?
Thanks in advance, I am working on a project right now and don't have the
time to go internet exploring.
John Martyn

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