Avery Wizard with JAWS

Brad Martin

Has anybody tried to use the latest (which isn't exactly new) Avery Wizard with JAWS? I can begin a project, select a label/business card type, and even
enter text for it. I've even managed to at least change the font to the size I need. But once I've entered my text, I can't find a next button. It's like,
"I've typed my text; now what do I do with it?" I'm stuck. Eventually I can get JAWS and Avery to just lock up all over the place. What am I missing? I
feel like there should be a next button where the wizard would start processing the information and generating a page of business cards, if only I could
find the next button. Let me guess; it's in something called a hamburger stack or a hotdog bun or, God forbid, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Any suggestions?


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