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Kimber Gardner

Thanks for that tip about the asterisk representing the download
sound. I've been through that list of system events at least a half
dozen times and couldn't figure it out.


On 2/2/16, HH. Smith Jr. <> wrote:
Hi Guys,

Here are some directions for changing your sound scheme in Windows10. I
found these directions in my library from March of

2013. I tested it on Windows10 and the instructions are still true. These
instructions will also allow to import, export, and modify current sound
scheme. Oh by the way, the download complete sound is represented by the
asterisk in the list of events. It is the second one down from the Windows
open event.

Importing and exporting whole sound schemes

becomes handy if you want to apply your schemes to different computers or
setup your system anew and don’t want to copy the whole Windows theme. Doing
so proves trickier as one might think though, since sound schemes are not
saved as some kind of file or package as one might think.

First off, to create a custom sound scheme, head to the Control Panel and
open the Hardware and Sound Options. In the Sound menu, click on Change
system sounds. Leave the applied scheme as it is and instead change its
components by selecting one of the listed items and browsing for a new sound
file, which has to be in the .wav format. For simplicity’s sake, put all
your custom sound files into the C:\Windows\Media folder prior to setting
them since they have to be in the exact same folder on the system you import

After you have applied new sounds for all the items you want to change,
click the Save as… button and give your scheme a name.

Afterwards, to export the scheme open the Windows registry – do so by
opening a Run… prompt (Windows + R) and entering regedit. In the left
registry panel, browse for the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents key. Right-click
it and select Export to save its contents somewhere on your hard drive. Put
the exported registry file and all the custom sound files you used on a USB
key or another device to transfer the files.

After you have got the registry file as well as the sound files you used on
the other system, put the sound files in the exact same folder as they were
on the first system (if you followed this guide, it is C:\Windows\Media).
Then double-click the registry file to add the first system’s sound scheme
settings to the new one (schemes are only added, non will be removed if
there were custom schemes installed before). The sound scheme should now be
available in the Control Panel.

Note: if you just want to modify one or two events, it is best to go to
sounds in the control panel and change them without creating a whole new
sound scheme.

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Subject: Re: Download Sound In Internet Explorer


I know you're using Windows 10 so, I don't have a clue as how you assign
sounds to the different tasks. In Windows 7 it's a major pain in the a** to
get a personal sound scheme setup to your personal liking. It took me a lot
of time to get my personal scheme setup, & explaining how I got it done
would take forever especially since I added many of my own sounds.

Take care.
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Ok, bro.

We got sounds turned on so now how do we get sounds for the different events
to occur.

Work your magic for the list hoo deennie!

From: Mike B. []
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Hi Jim,

I need to 1st preface these steps by stating that I'm running Windows 7 Pro
64 bit, IE11, & Jaws 16 & 17, but IE11 should be the same in Windows 8:

You might not have sounds turned on so, therefore you won't hear it or, the
sound might be 1 that's hard to hear. So, you assign a different sound to
Notify task in your Sound Scheme. Below are steps on turning on sounds.

To get sounds In IE11:

With IE11 open, press ,control + J, to open the View Downloads dialog. Tab
to the options link, press the spacebar, tab and when you hear notify
me when download is complete, hit spacebar to check the checkbox. tab to &
Okay the choice. If the, control + J, keystroke doesn't work, try pressing,
Alt + T, to open the tools menu, arrow down to, View Downloads, & press
enter to open the View Downloads dialog.

In Internet Explorer 11 there is the option of playing system sounds, These
sounds include a sound to Notify you when your downloads are complete
By default the system sounds & Notify when download is complete options are
off. To turn them on:
1. On the tools menu, choose internet options.

2. In the dialog ctrl+tab until you get to the advanced page.

3. In the settings tree view, in the accessibility group, there's the item
play system sounds-off. You can quickly move to this by pressing the letter
p. Press spacebar, and the item changes to play system sounds-on.

4. Now press the letter, N, to, Notify when downloads complete-OFF. Press
the spacebar to toggle this to, ON.

5. press enter to press the default ok button to save your changes & close
Tools / Options.

Take care.
Global warming? Most likely caused from hot air generated by politicians!

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Hi, Jim. If you go to Internet Explorer Options, go to the Advanced
settings, you will be able to tab to a tree view. Once you get to this tree
view, arrow down to an entry which says something like:

System Sounds On


System Sounds Off

If it says System Sounds Off, Press the space bar to turn them on, tab to
Apply, then tab to OK and press the Enter key.

Hope this helps you.

Bill White

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Subject: Re: Download Sound In Internet Explorer

HI: Using Windows 8.1 and JAWS 17: To turn on sounds in IE 11, I tried both
methods, 1) going to the "advance" tab under "options" when in IE11, and 2)
pressing ctrl+j when IE11 first opens. In neither instance did I find
anything about "sound". Please be more specific; or, tell me what I may be
doing wrong. Thanks. Jim H

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