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Brian, doesn't one have to reserve their copy before making the ISO? I heard something about receiving an email with some confirmation code? I've also heard that one should perform the upgrade as to get a product key, and once the upgrade has finished, the ISO can be made and a clean, fresh install will render a better experience?

On 2/2/2016 12:11 PM, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) wrote:
First I’ve heard of that, thanks.

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I wish they had an option to furnish a disk.

If by they you're referring to Microsoft they already do this. You can
use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool
<> to
download the ISO for the current build of Windows 10 at any time and
then burn the ISO to a bootable DVD or USB drive to upgrade any machine
until the end of the free upgrade period. The Download Tool link-button
on that screen gets you the software you need to get the ISO. It's then
up to you to either burn it to DVD if you intend to upgrade a machine
with an optical drive or create a bootable USB drive (4GB, minimum size
required). Rufus <> is a good tool to easily create
a bootable USB drive.


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