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Hello Aaron,
When doing your own taxes, how do you handle printed forms sent to you for taxes. Each year we receive a number of 1099 forms, and as I recall, Turbo tax will ask for example, "enter the dollar amounts from lines 10, 14 and 20. I've been puzzled what I could do to use TurboTax without a reader, because I don't know in advance which of the many dollar amounts on such forms will be requested. Your advice and experience would be very appreciated.
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Subject: Re: Question about JAWS and Taxes

I have been able to complete and file my personal income taxes using the browser-based version of TurboTax for several years now. Some years I have found it to be less accessible than others, but this year I didn’t encounter any problems using JAWS/Firefox.



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Subject: Question about JAWS and Taxes




What have you found to be the most accessible program for filing income taxes with JAWS?


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