Re: Sending an email as a attachment?

Page, Aaron

Hi Carlos,


I can think of two ways to do this, but I am sure there are more:


1.       Save the message in Outlook message format and attach it to the message

a.       Open the message you want to send as an attachment

b.      Go to File > Save As

c.       Save the message using the “Outlook Message Format” as the file type (*.msg)

d.      Locate the .msg file you just created and attach it to a new message

2.       Use Microsoft save as PDF (Windows 10), CutePDF, or similar to save the message as a PDF and attach it to the message

a.       If you have Windows 10 you should be able to choose Microsoft Print to PDF” as a printer

b.      If using Windows 8 or earlier you can use a tool like CutePDF to print the message as a PDF. Simply install CutePDF then you can select CutePDF Writer as a printer in the print dialog box.

c.       Attach the PDF to a new message


Be aware that the print to PDF options described in #2 above will not create PDFs that are accessible to JAWS. If you want to ensure that the attachment will be accessible to JAWS I recommend saving the message in the .msg format described in #1 above. I am using Outlook 2013 so I hope that the same steps will work in Outlook 2007.



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From: Carliss [mailto:seejesus@...]
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 11:00 AM
Subject: Sending an email as a attachment?



I really need help with this one.

I need to send an email as an  attachment with another email, I don't know how to do this but I think it can be done?

I'm using office Outlook 2007.

If you are out there, please help; This must go!




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