Express Burn Query

Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

i have a jvc boom box, and it can play mp3s, and a cd player.
next to my enduro treadmill.
and i have noticed, i use express burn v 4 to burn my data cds.
it puts all the tracks, in alphabetical order, and have max cd -r blank 702 cds.
now, on my toshiba a300 satellite psag4a 02300m
it puts all the tracks in the correct order.
but i notice, on the boom box, it puts one or two tracks at the end of the cd.
i have noticed this.
is there a setting on my boombox to try to get the correct tracks to play in the correct order.
or is there any software, that will fix this order.
real weird.
like for example, on cd 1, i have 80s, 90s, 2000s and about 140 tracks.
and the last track is wired for sound by cliff richard, but then it goes to the last track, sara by star ship.
should be in the s category but not.
tried using windows media player, and itunes, but not very successful, and had to throw away a coupld of cds.
and purchase 50 for about $25.00 in australia, at my local harvey norman store in devonport, tasmania,australia.
and using windows 7 professional 32 bit, and got the free express burn v 4.2 +.
so if any one has had the same problems, not the correct order in express burn, how to do this, without throwing away four perfect cds.
real strange.
using jaws 12 and jaws 13 beta.

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