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Hi Robert,


In an earlier post, I wrote that in the JAWS start-up wizard, insert+j then alt H, z about three windows in click the checkbox virtual ribbon menus. This will give you horizontal menus. It is on the same dialog box in the start-up wizard as smart navigation 4tabs down.

If the virtual ribbon menus checkbox is check then menus are vertical.

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Actually there is a serious difference to me with ribbons.  That is they are not liniar navigation.  Movegating I mean navigating but I think I invented a new word combining navigating with moving.through them changes depending on where you are and what  direction you go.  So, exploring them is more difficult for me. 

However, if one can customize keyboard shortcuts, than I suppose I'd be able to use them more effectively.
Are ribbons in Office customizable?  I only know Wordpad ribbons which frustrate the heck out of me.


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there is no escaping the ribbons. Eventually, you learn Alt what to hit and just go there. The ribbons are sort of, in my mind, a sideways menu.

 Precisely, precisely, and precisely.

I miss the menus, but that's because I was "raised on" the menus.  There's nothing that's more intuitive about the menu system than the ribbon system, it's just that those of us who were used to the former were quite jolted by the latter.  The relocation of stuff, particularly since I don't use keyboard shortcuts as my primary access method, was very jarring.  The majority of "the common controls" use the same keyboard shortcuts that they have since the inception of MS-Office.



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