Re: Jaws 17 issues with edit fields in Internet Explorer 11

Russell Solowoniuk


I haven’t written to FS yet, mainly because I don’t have much faith in FS tech support these days. I thought I’d ask here first, and if no one gave a solution, FS tech support will be my next step. Looks like it’s come to that! Wish me luck! LOL.


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Have all of you who are having this problem actually reported it to FS as an
issue in JAWS 17? Also, this is why I always keep at least one older version
of JAWS on my computer any time I install a newer one: this way, I can exit
the latest version and bring up the older one if I encounter a problem that
wasn't present in the earlier version.

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Yes, I've had many issues with Facebook as well. I'm surprised at all the
problems I'm having with edit fields elsewhere though! It seems like FS
continues to add new features that no one really wants, when they should be
concentrating on making daily tasks, like typing and editing text in web
browser edit fields work as they ought to. I don't know about anyone else on
this list, but, after a couple of days playing around with the "smart
navigation" feature, I went into settings centre and turned it off. I find
it quite a nuisance. Others may like it, and that's fine, but I'd sooner FS
make edit fields workable again.

Thanks for your feedback Carolyn.


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