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brian albriton

Thank you much.]
You've all got me on the right track.

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there is also another one. after starting internet explorer, press
control+j, tab to and enter on the options button, there is a check box
to play a sound when the download completes. press space bar to check it if
it isn't already, tab to and enter on ok button.

On 1/31/2016 4:18 PM, Mario wrote:
in internet explorer, there are 2 setting in the advanced tab. they are
Play system sounds and Notify when downloads complete. if either are
off, press the space bar to toggle it on. tab to and press enter on the
ok button.

On 1/31/2016 3:33 PM, brian albriton wrote:
Hi, folks. How do I get a download sound to play when a download is
complete with internet explorer?


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