Re: Jaws 17 issues with edit fields in Internet Explorer 11

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Rgarding JAWS 17, I now refer to an earlier version of JAWS with FaceBook and include some maybe useful commands at the end of this message.
I am able to type in comments on FaceBook using JAWS 16 and I E 10 and all the words do appear.

Because a super tech helped me with FaceBook, I will put in some of what I learned.

ON FaceBook hit "e" to go to the FaceBook search editfield or
Simpler hit the "/" key (minus the quotes). You will be almost on top of the editfield for searching.
The "/" is listed under keystrokes for (sighted) users of FaceBook and is part of a command "control + /" which did not work as well for me.
However, you may find the / actually inside the edit field. Make sure to erase the /, and then type in the search term.
Also using semi forms mode makes the edit field easier to use.
Then if you hit "q" that takes one to the main region where search results can be found.

Hope this helps

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Yes, JAWS 17 plays havoc with edit fields. As I possibly already stated, when I'm on Facebook and write comments to someone else or on my own page, only the first letter gets posted. Yet, if I go back to JAWS 15, I have no problems at all. I'd like to know why this happens. This may be akin to the issues you're having with EDIT fields on Internet Explorer.


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