Re: How Can Sighted People Tell Where I Am At on a Screen in JAWS?


On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 09:30 am, Charles Coe <charlesmar@...> wrote:
When I need to find out what is on the screen or where I am in the application I have my son who is sighted hear what JAWS is reading so he can locate where JAWS is reading.


               That's what pretty much everyone does as far as sighted assistants go when confronted with JAWS processing something in its virtual space that cannot currently be seen on the screen.  Sometimes that's a simple task, but very often it's not.

               It would just be so much simpler for those who are working with a sighted assistant to have JAWS "follow along" on the screen to match where it is in JAWS virtual space.  It could also save hours of time when you're dealing with huge webpages that aren't all that easy to wade your way through to find that match-up.  It gets really interesting when there are intentionally invisible elements on a web page that JAWS detects but aren't necessarily accessibility related and are intentionally never meant to be interacted with by the visitor to that page.


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