Re: How Can Sighted People Tell Where I Am At on a Screen in JAWS?


On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 08:43 am, Richard B. McDonald <richardbmcdonald@...> wrote:
Please do report back to us all here when you get an answer from FS about this.

 I absolutely will.  The following is the e-mail message I sent to FS Tech Support yesterday.  The title I allude to is the title of this very thread.  If when they respond, and they always have, I'll post the response here, too.


         A topic by this title has just come up on the JAWS for Windows mailing list, and it is a question I have had myself as a sighted JAWS tutor for a very long time now.  I have finally wrapped my head around the JAWS virtual cursor and that both webpages and PDF files are reformatted in JAWS virtual space and traversed in JAWS virtual space and for someone who cannot see this is a complete non issue.  However, sighted assistants and tutors such as myself are often called upon, and even if we do understand the JAWS virtual cursor (and many don't) it is insanity-making for a sighted person trying to assist to even begin to figure out where on the "real web page" JAWS is currently processing in JAWS virtual space.

         Is there any setting one can use in JAWS, whether "on demand" or permanent, that will make JAWS cause the actual web page to scroll as necessary to follow, visually, where the JAWS virtual cursor is in JAWS virtual space that corresponds to that visual location?

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