Re: Is there a comprehensive/exhaustive list of JAWS keyboard shortcuts?



           What I'm looking for is actually the very opposite of a quick reference sheet.  The Keystrokes document that FS puts out with every release, the core of which has remained unchanged for ages (which is unsurprising), is sort of an extended quick reference guide.  I use that extensively.  But there have been multiple mentions on this list of commands I have never seen documented anywhere, and a couple of those have come from me.  For instance, the SHIFT+F6 command that's allowing movement between "control regions" for lack of a better way of phrasing it in Chrome is not documented in the JAWS 17 Keystrokes document.  Of course, since this is doing pretty much the same thing in Firefox, too, it looks like it's a Windows-based command.  But the INS+CTRL+NumPad Plus command Maria mentioned is clearly a JAWS command just based on the key sequence, but I can't find that documented anywhere, either.  I'd just like to know what FS would describe as the function of that aforementioned keystroke combo, among others at times.


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