Re: Is there a comprehensive/exhaustive list of JAWS keyboard shortcuts?


Hi Brian,
I forgot to add that some of the commands may be obsolete, since there is reference to quite a number of outdated pieces of software.
What you can always try when in a programme is pressing insert+h, which will give you a list of commands pertaining to a given application, if there are scripts tied to it.
Another way of getting help on commands is to press Insert+1 in an application, which will activate keyboard help mode.
From that point on, the keys you press will not be passed to the application. Instead, JAWS will verbalise a function name if any has been associated with a script. Pressing a key combination twice quickly will cause a longer description of a function to be verbalised.
The same info can be gotten from script manager as well, but that is a little cumbersome and maybe not what you need.

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