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i would recomend that you purchase a usb sound card and have jaws go through that device and you have a set of headphones that will allow you to hear jaws in one ear and then have your softphone come through a headphone in the other ear. when i worked for hilton reservations i actually had my single ear headphone for my in coming calls on my left ear and i had an external speech synthesizer with another single ear headphone in my right ear. worked great along with a braille terminal so i could read what was on the screen without having to have jaws repeat everything.

Legend has it that on Saturday 1/30/2016 07:07 PM, Tom macha said:
Hello, everyone, I am a telemarketer. I am checking to see what equipment is available for headsets. I am using Jaws and an auto-dialer with aa, "Softphone." However; people can hear Jaws as well. IS there a way to prevent this from happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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