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This is why dear Debbie Scales will always be missed.  The answers she gave for the programs she recommended we Jaws users use was tested by her, and worked every time they were tried.  It didn't hurt that she was blind herself.    

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Hi, Brian. I wasn't trying to PO you. I wasn't even snarking. What I am saying is that even though Windows-based commands which should work with JAWS, sometimes don't. Windows-based commands don't even work consistently between screen readers. For this reason, I seldom give commands for other screen readers which I am not using, because I haven't tested them, and I may not even have the same computer configuration as the intended user. This often changes how JAWS works, and what it verbalizes.
I apologize if I came off sounding snarky. It is just so often difficult dealing with the gap between what sighted users offer and what it is practical for blind users to implement.
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On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 08:49 am, Bill White <billwhite92701@...> wrote:
You could get a copy of JAWS, become familiar with it, use it in 40-minute-mode, and see if some of these "solutions" actually work in JAWS, since you are on a JAWS users list, not a sighted users list.

 You know, this is the very sort of nasty snark that really does make me PO-ed.  Most of the stuff I offer has been tested on JAWS, as I've been tutoring JAWS for several years now.  When I know that the information I'm presenting is Windows-based, not JAWS based, and a very great deal of it is, it should work and virtually always does unless JAWS is capturing something as its own command ahead of Windows, which happens seldom.

I've started trying things in NVDA because Freedom Scientific is the only screen-reader producer who doesn't have a version of its screen reader available in a trial or testing form that lasts beyond 40 minutes.  Even then, I have a pretty decent sense of what needs to be verified versus what doesn't.  Sometimes I am wrong; I'm not perfect.

No one is forced to try the suggestions/"solutions" I offer, and if you find them objectionable, then please don't.  Just don't have the unmitigated gall to even imply that I'm just "pulling them out of thin air" without any consideration as to whether they're likely to work before offering them.


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