A question about Jaws and Backblaze


I somehow got my external drive letters confused.  The drive letter J I was backing up, became confused with the letter I which I was not backing up.  I was trying to exchange the drive letters to what they were when backblaze began its original back up, but to no avail.  Jaws didn't seem to recognize the new drive letter among those I was to check in the settings menu of backblaze.  My sighted daughter, however,  told me the new drive letter assignment was among the drives in that menu.  She unchecked the now non existent drive letter with that which was shown among  the menu choices.  If such confusion occurs again, how will I be able to read with Jaws the newly assigned drive letter.  Was the problem a lack of knowledge concerning the different cursers, and their relationship with the backblaze program?  Or Does Jaws not read newly assigned drive letters.  If I should want to back up additional drives with different letters assigned them, I should like jaws to recognize them.  Is this a problem found only in the initial backing up process?   Is it likely to disappear after the initial backups are backed up?

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