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using what?? when did you take the plunge then? Is it as bad as you thought?
can you use excell? so sorry for interupting this topic I just was wondering
when the new machine was to be delivered. I would lend you sarah morleys cd's
11 in all!! however I have in a ffew days to have a spell in hospital,and I
intend taking them in with a cd player and ear plugs, it is not bearable to
plod through them in front of a pc.I bought them from the RNIB in May of
last year the year it was published steve griffits did the bulk of work I
think they will be a cure for insomnia . regards Dorothy ----- Original
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Look for a menu or ribbon referring to accessibility, and run the wizard.
I don't have Adobe X but there should be something similar.

Dave Carlson
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They have just upgraded me at work to Adobe Reader X from Adobe Reader

Now when I load a document, I can't read anything.

When I do a down arrow it just says blank.

It is not an OCR thing since I could read the same document with Adobe
Reader 9.

Any ideas if there are particular settings under preferences that I need
to set in order for me to be able to read .PDF documents?

I am using Jaws 12.1169.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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