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Charles Krugman

I did research it on Google and found several options for various providers some with free trials and a site that rated the various providers. There is also a comprehensive article about on Wikipedia at hope this clears up some of the mystery.

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funny you mentioned this. I recently heard that it was renamed to
something like use core .net or some variation like that. maybe you can
google it or look it up at microsoft's site.

On 1/23/2016 1:47 AM, Charles Krugman wrote:
I haven’t heard about usenet in several years. When I did I understood
that people had to pay to access it through a provider. I too would be
interested in finding out its current status.
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Hello everyone,
First of all, my apologies to the list because this may be off topic,
but I couldn't find a way to sign up for this group, and wasn't sure if
it even existed anymore.
I am interested in learning about Usenet, and had a few questions on how
to get started with it, and didn't know if any of yall used it or not,
so I figured I'd reach out. I would be using my phone to download
content, and the content I'm wanting to download is movies, music, etc.
I did some reading on Google, but figured maybe talking with someone
hands-on would be better for me to grasp how to begin learning.
If you wanna get with me off list, that's totally fine. You can reach me
at hshaneclark@... <mailto:hshaneclark@...>.
Thanks in advance for any and all assistance, Shane.

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