Re: Jaws with windows10.

Cindy Ray <cindyray@...>

If you just bought JAWS, aren’t you eligible for an upgrade to JAWS 17?




From: Carliss [mailto:seejesus@...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 11:53 PM
Subject: Jaws with windows10.


Hello Listers,

I really need to know this information.

I was told to day by Microsoft accessibility department, that I can't use Jaws16 with windows10 that has the 2015 patches fix, Is this true? I just installed windows10 with the accesibility department, and paying $363 for Jaws16. I don't really want to pay more money for another version of Jaws at this time.

So, will someone, anyone, tell me what is the real deal with these two versions of Jaws and windows10 I would greatly appreciate that information.

I also read some where on line, that some good changes has been made in the 2015 patches?

Thanks to all for your help.



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