Re: Reading Shared Calendars in Microsoft Outlook with JAWS

Adrian Spratt



See the fixes listed in the update to JAWS 17 released today, which two other listers have posted in recent hours. I noticed Outlook’s calendar was included.


From: Rick Miller [mailto:mil9@...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 11:19 PM
Subject: FW: Reading Shared Calendars in Microsoft Outlook with JAWS



Dear Listers:


Have any of you ever had any luck reading shared calendars while in Microsoft Outlook?


I work for the Alameda County Probation Department in Oakland, California, and every day I like to check a shared calendar on Outlook to see who will be the Officer of the Day.  I am using Outlook 14 and am using Windows 7 at work.  After getting into the Calendar using the Control+2 keystroke, I open the Files menu, arrow down to Open, and hit the Enter Key.  A dialog appears asking me what to open.  I arrow down to Shared Calendars and hit the Enter key.  A dialog appears asking what shared calendar I am looking for.  I type the words Probation Adult, and hit the Enter key.  A variety of options appear.  I arrow down to the Adult OD (Officer of the Day) calendar at the main Probation Center and hit the Enter key.  And here’s where I am running into trouble.  JAWS speaks Adult PC as the open calendar, but when I tab to read who will be the Officer of the Day on the given day, instead of reading from the O.D. calendar, JAWS reads the appointments  on my personal calendar.  I checked with Freedom Scientific.  They told me to hit the F6 key to cycle between the calendars.  When I tried it, it didn’t work.  Am I doing something wrong?  I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has read Shared Calendars using Outlook.


Rick Miller


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