FW: Reading Shared Calendars in Microsoft Outlook with JAWS

Rick Miller


Dear Listers:


Have any of you ever had any luck reading shared calendars while in Microsoft Outlook?


I work for the Alameda County Probation Department in Oakland, California, and every day I like to check a shared calendar on Outlook to see who will be the Officer of the Day.  I am using Outlook 14 and am using Windows 7 at work.  After getting into the Calendar using the Control+2 keystroke, I open the Files menu, arrow down to Open, and hit the Enter Key.  A dialog appears asking me what to open.  I arrow down to Shared Calendars and hit the Enter key.  A dialog appears asking what shared calendar I am looking for.  I type the words Probation Adult, and hit the Enter key.  A variety of options appear.  I arrow down to the Adult OD (Officer of the Day) calendar at the main Probation Center and hit the Enter key.  And here’s where I am running into trouble.  JAWS speaks Adult PC as the open calendar, but when I tab to read who will be the Officer of the Day on the given day, instead of reading from the O.D. calendar, JAWS reads the appointments  on my personal calendar.  I checked with Freedom Scientific.  They told me to hit the F6 key to cycle between the calendars.  When I tried it, it didn’t work.  Am I doing something wrong?  I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has read Shared Calendars using Outlook.


Rick Miller


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