Re: The best accessible FTP-server with JAWS


you can use slimftp and its free. it uses a script file like apache2 does and is very easy to setup. i run it myself. you could install the apache2triad and it includes slimftp as well as http, sql, and pyphon.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 10/5/2011 01:11 PM, Anders Boholdt-Petersen said:
Hi everyone,

I looking after a FTP-server I can install on my Windows-computer where I can create users, set privileges to shared directorys et cetera.

After that I will give my computer a static IP-address, so I can forward the port in my router.

What is the best accessible FTP-server with JAWS (using JAWS 11 and 12)?

I have both Windows XP Service Pack 3 (HOME), and Windows 7 64-bit (also HOME-version).

Very thanks for the answer.


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