Re: problems with gmail

Soronel Haetir

Near the bottom of GMail pages I have the following (note I use the
jaws' screen layout setting rather than the default simple, which
preserves how lines appear on the screen. If you use simple layout
the same text should appear but the pieces will likely be placed on
more than one line)

Gmail view: standard | basic HTML   Learn more

The "Standard" and "Learn More" are both links, the fact that "Basic
HTML" is not a link tells me that is the currently selected choice.

On 1/25/16, Barbara Hansen <> wrote:
I think I have switched to the HTML view, however; at the
bottom of the page it says "link" standard view and then the next line
"vertical line HTML view". Does this mean I'm on the HTML view? For some
reason, this is confusing me.

Appreciate your help.


Soronel Haetir

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