Re: A Win Against Captchas; I'll take it

Brent Harding

Maybe, but what they're trying to prevent is automated means of creating lots of accounts, or posting spam. Those bots can probably easily read alt tags. I'm not sure what they are doing with the checkbox thing to prevent them from just checking it.

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I’m sure that there are ways to accommodate screen reader users to get around the captcha obstacle.

The presence of the statement:

   I am not a robot, check box

Is something that screen reader users could be made aware of.

Text is put in the alt tag field, which is associated with every image, and screen readers read it.

Some years ago I came across a web page with this first line statement:

  Screen Reader users, click here

This link was not visible to the sighted. Perhaps the link (and text) had the same foreground and background colors.

I’m sure that variations of this technique could be made available for which only screen reader users would know how to handle.

Peter T.

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Subject: Re: A Win Against Captchas; I'll take it
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 06:07:09 -0500
From: Gerald Levy <bwaylimited@...>

The last time I encountered one of these check boxes labeled “I am not a robot” and checked it, I was confronted with an image captcha, anyway.  So this system is not foolproof.

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