Re: Jaws and soft phone, "Zoiper"

Brent Harding

That could work also. I thought you have to hit 1 to answer the forwarded calls, as they are announced to you upon answering, unless you can turn all of that off. You wouldn't be able to have Google pass the caller's number and have a distinctive ring at the same time though, as far as I know.

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I use GoogleVoice, but I only use it to forward calls to my home phone and cell. I don't call or receive calls from my computer. Using it the way I do, everything is accessible, but I can't speak about using it directly from the PC.


          This is another option I'm considering.  If memory serves, when you forward you can tell Google Voice either to pass along the original caller's number or the Google Voice number for Caller ID purposes.  I could forward the calls to the client's iPhone via her regular mobile number and use a distinctive ring if it's coming from the Google Voice number.  The important thing is that she knows whether she's answering her own native mobile number or is receiving a call from the Google Voice number.


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