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Brent Harding

I couldn't imagine Google storing and retaining all of that stuff from the files groups. I thought I read online that there can be over a terabyte of new stuff posted in those files every day, which would take serious money to keep going for something only those that know you can get stuff from there know about. The way the news groups went back when, they weren't probably meant to be a huge files repository.

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Something happened about a year and a half to two years ago, I'm not sure what since I avoid using Google for anything whenever possible, but folks accessing UseNet through Google started having a lot of problems. When this happened traffic took another nose dive on the newsgroups.

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I hadn't realized that so many ISPs have stopped access to Usenet news

That being said, and not knowing how accessible it is, still gives you access to Usenet and their search
capability gets you messages from decades ago if you're looking for
them. It also appears that the alt.binaries groups are still carried
by them, but you have to do a search to find them, they're not listed
on the main "groups" categories page.


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