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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

I have had that first letter thing once or twice. I thought I was nuts.
Then I've had a post come up twice too - weird. I think that for us,
Facebook is like driving on ice, maybe in the mountains.

Bye for now,


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I have that problem when I want to post to a group. This started about
two or three weeks ago.

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I'm also having difficulties in Facebook. I've commented or written a
post on any given page, checked it before posting and then, when I post
it, all that comes up is the first letter! So upgrading to JAWS 17 does
not solve the problem. Instead, I've had to go back to JAWS 15 and, only
then, am I able to post messages or comments on Facebook without the
embarrassment of only the first letter showing up!


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