Facebook. better instructions

Tusing <ptusing@...>


Sometimes in life  one gets lucky, and I founda power FaceBook user.


So here are better instructions.


On any FaceBook page,


“insert + v”

Andtype in the word


Now downarrow 1 time.

You will be on a line saying

Allow reserve…keystrokes ” or something similar.

Check it.


Now in any FaceBook page, the  useful commands can work.


What I sent (earlier message)  works only on the page in FACEBOOK open at the time. The previous

Steps  I  just typed out here  apply to all.


On Facebook, find news by

Arrowing to  rss feeds and press  Enter.

Hit j and one may hear


Or if one is lucky actually hear the story read.

If  you only get  the word  “story”  hit  Enter.

Another page opens.

Hit r

Which takes you to the

“main region” where the story is.


To go back,  maybe “k” works….


To get out  of a series of threads,  hit

Control + h”

Which brings up History.

Find the link  where you began and hit Enter on it.

That puts you at the beginning of FaceBook.


Now  can some one tell me how to close a friend’s FACEBOOK page so one can go to another


FaceBook page?

Is there a command  for doing that?


Is there a command for getting to the

Facebook edit field or any

Edit field on any

FaceBook page?




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