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Kimber Gardner

Thanks so much Tom and Dave. That works great.

Now, is there a way to jump from one piece of colored text to the
next? I don't see a navigation quick key for it, but I'm wondering if
it would be possible to perhaps do it with a macro or a script?


On 10/4/11, Tom Lange <lange85@...> wrote:
Hi Kimberly,
You probably want to turn on a proofreading scheme that will let you
identify colors while you're in say-all. As I recall, there a couple of
those. One lets you hear attributes and color; the other will simply
identify color changes as they occur.

1. Press alt+insert+s to bring up the scheme selection dialog.
2. Make a mental note of which scheme is currently active; it's probably
"classic". This is important in case you want to come back to it later.
3. Arrow up or down to the scheme that sounds right for you, then press
4. Go to the top of your document and do a say-all. You should hear JAWS
identify colors and/or attributes as they change.
5. When you're through, go back into the schemes selections and restore the
original scheme so that you don't hear that extra info every time you get
into Word.

Hope this helps.


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Hi All,

I have a word document in which text has been highlighted using
various colors to denote different types of edits.

How to I tell Jaws 12 to identify the different colors of text as I
read through the document?

Thanks in advance,


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