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Tusing <ptusing@...>

You go to default settings in JAWS 16or 17 and arrow to the
Second choice which is
Find miscellaneous and
Arrow down to the last option (the 7th I think)
Which begins with the word
"reserve" and check it.
Now if you do that, every website would enable special keystrokes created to work with that site.
You can do that, but there is a better way.

A much better way is to
Invoke this only on the
FaceBook sites as you only need this on Facebook.
Do this by hitting
Insert + v" and
Type in the word reserve into the edit field.
When you have the chance to check that option,
You are permitting the use of special
Keystrokes that JAWS users can use on a faceBook page.

Once invoked,
You can advance to the next
Thread on FaceBook by hitting
"j" on FaceBook.
Without checking reserve option",
You would be otherwise getting
"jumpto line xx"
The other command is
"shift j"
Which takes you to theprevious thread on a Facebook page.

Now, is any one seriously actually making these keystrokes work?
If so
On which FaceBook page?

Please share one pagewhere "j"and "shift j" work on FaceBook PLEASE.

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