accessible testing tools to work with jaws 17 and visual studio community 2015

Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi. Using jaws 17, and visual studio community 2015. Doing a diploma it course, but, wondering, tried Microsoft test server, but not very accessible. So, need to run    automated  tests for a subject, intro to object orientated programming c #, and using windows 10 64 bit pro. And now, was wondering, what more accessible testing tools, have you used to do automated testing for visual studio, c # projects. Any ideas. Doing this course from, and waiting to see if my lectuer has a free copy of visual studio pro 2015 or ultimate. But in the mean time, tried googling, and trawling through about 10 or more pages as I write. So tapping your minds, any ideas. And also using, which is part of upskilled, video training, but can read the transcript in the browser. If I click on a link, the video starts playing. More accessible then, and they are redesigning the site for blind people. I am on the accessibility beta team, and will test with four browsers. So this will be a 12 month project, as they got purchased by

Any ideas, or any one in the same situation. Do not have a credit card, and now, using the free community visual studio 2015 32 bit, but no testing options, in the video, says to click on the solution for the test project, click on window, then click on test manager. Unless I need the pro version of visual studio. Any ideas.


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