Re: Advanced Searching in Outlook 2010 - Opinions Sought


It doesn't work on my machine, JAWS or not . . .

The single hit of CTRL+SHIFT+F brings up the Advanced Find dialog, but you are on the Messages tab when it opens.  You have to hit CTRL+TAB immediately to go to the "More Choices" tab where the "Categories. . ." button is visible.  Once I've done that, I only have to tab twice to get to that checkbox, but I'll bet that's because JAWS lands on the dropdown arrow as an item before the checkbox.

Last night when working in the Message Tab of Advanced Find continued tabbing would do what it usually does, you eventually circle back to the spot where you started.  Until or unless you hit CTRL+TAB to get to the "More Choices" tab there was no access to the "Only items with" checkbox.  This was with JAWS 17 and Outlook 2010.

I'll have to try this again later with NVDA just to see what happens.


On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 08:41 am, Adrian Spratt <adrian@...> wrote:

I’ve just tested Londa’s method. The following steps will find messages with attachments in Outlook 2010, and JAWS verbalizes each step :


Place focus at the desired message list.

Control-shift-f once to the “Categories” button.

Do not press enter, even though there’s an ellipsis inviting you to do so. Instead, press tab three times.

You land in a checkbox labeled Only items with…” Press spacebar.

Tab once, and “One or more attachments” is the first item in the combo box.

Press enter.

Wait for JAWS to announce “Find Now,” then press F6 to enter the list of search results.


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