JAWS 16 and FaceBook; the supposed useful keystrokes

Tusing <ptusing@...>


I set up

“reserve” (let the site activate the keystrokes for that page ” for  FaceBook in

JAWS 16.


Either certain FaceBook pages do notsupport the

New uses for the

“j”  or  “shift j”   or

Not all versions of  JAWS 16 support the new FaceBook keystrokes.


There are 3 versions  of  JAWS 16.


Please which JAWS 16  version supports the special key commands developed for use with FACEBOOK?


Do the special JAWS/Facebook  keystrokes work  for you on


and then

pick Facebook.


Yes I  have written to FaceBook list.


But this  post discusses whether or when the

JAWS/Facebook key commands  actually  work.

Perhaps there are  FaceBook pages wherethe key commandsdo notwork.


Have you found a FaceBook page where they Work?!

If so, which  page. So one can test keystrokes  on that lucky FaceBook  page.


Many thanks.

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