Re: Advanced Searching in Outlook 2010 - Opinions Sought



           Believe it or not, I don't think she has any Contacts at all.  She's been relying on the "To:" field to pre-populate as she types based upon who has sent her e-mail or, if it's a first time message, manually entering same.

           I've briefly discussed using Contacts, which I much prefer especially over time, but it's not something she's wished to pursue.  She manages virtually all of her personal name/address/etc. contacts and her calendar via iPhone, not Outlook.  That system has been working for her.

           When it comes to what I teach, most of it is directly driven by what the client in question wants to accomplish.  I will insert certain "suggestions" that I think they had ought to consider, but if they reject a given suggestion, except in the rarest of cases, I simply respect that choice regardless of my personal feelings about the wisdom of it.


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