Re: Attachments in "rich text" messages under Microsoft Outlook 2013


Thanks to Carolyn and Brian. I will try using the "copy and paste" method. I had never heard of this before. I used to use the "insert" method all the time; but, it does not give me the attachments in the next dialogue box after the "subject line" anymore. Now, I get the "graphic" attachment which, when you land on it, says: "OUTLOOK file attach". I just tried it to make sure it is still doing this. If using the "insert" method: - press the alt key for the menu, - right arrow to the "insert" tab, - then, down arrow to "include submenu" and right arrow to "attach file". Pressing enter on "attach file" brings up the same dialogue you would see with the "open" dialogue box in MS Word; so at this point, you shift tab until you get to "documents", unless you have already attached another file from the same folder. If you get to "documents", left arrow until you get to "Windows c:", and use first-letter navigation to find the folder you want, right arrow to "open" this folder and select the file you want to attach. Pressing enter on that filename "should" attch that file to your e-mail. Now, I asked earlier; but, have not seen the answer yet. However, I strongly suspect that, if I change my e-mail format to "plain text", or "HTML", from "RTF format, this problem will disappear. I will try that next, after I figure out where to change my e-mail format. I'm nothing if not persistent; so, I expect to find this when I get back to my PC in the morning. Goodnight, and thanks again. I hope that my explanation of the "insert" method is clear. Jim H

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