Re: Word 2013 formatting.



            Another option, which is probably simpler, is using text boxes rather than form fields.  What I would suggest as a first approach is using text boxes.  These behave as though they are "micro documents" within a document itself and do not move if you size them such that what you're going to enter does not exceed the amount of space you've allocated.  By that I mean, for instance, if you created a text box that can hold 4 typed characters across in the font and size you're using, if you type a fifth character it expands the text box by creating a "line below" of the same width of the original.  In the case of a check template it should be a simple matter to create text boxes that are correctly sized to enter a date, "pay to the order of" name, numerical amount, written amount, and memo.

            In MS-Word, the keyboard shortcut for Insert Text Box is ALT+N,X, which then gives you a variety of text box styles to choose from.  I would just stick with the default, which is a Simple Text Box.  When that box is inserted, it is filled with instructions telling you to type whatever you like and then you can reposition the box anywhere you wish in the document.  The ribbon also changes when the text box is selected such that the drawing tools that you can use to do all kinds of additional formatting for a text box is visible.  I just hit backspace to delete those instructions then roughly size the text box and drag it to about where I think it needs to be.  You can, of course, change the font, point size, etc., as needed inside each and every text box.  I honestly can't imagine that one wouldn't need (or at least want) a sighted assistant to help with the initial positioning of the boxes and the repositioning based on what you find when you actually print to see whether or not things align correctly.  Of course, if a sighted assistant is doing the setup the Text Box is an item on the Insert Ribbon.  The default text box will show an outline square printed around it.  If you don't want this, and for a check you would not, then you have to be certain to go into the text box formatting properties and turn the line color property to "no line."

            I don't know whether this is of any interest to the rest of the group.  I am willing to keep offering assistance with this either here or off-group via e-mail.


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