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Ann Byrne

My student tracks the dates he attended class so he can be reimbursed for transportation. He attended on September twelfth. JAWS called it "September first-something (I don't remember the second number).
Also, September two zero, 2011, is spoken "September 20th", despite there being no 'th'. And when I wrote two zero in numbers with a space between to illustrate this point, JAWS spoke it as 'second zero'. that's why I spelled the numbers out.


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Hi Ann. I agree with your first point. I also find this very frustrating and annoying. I really do wish jaws wouldn't read the screen or part of the screen that was just left. It is confusing. And yes I think jaws is lying too.

I just installed jaws 13. Hope it isn't lying too.

I have not found any control in jaws that has an effect on the behavior. In older screen readers. For instance, ASAP, you could adjust the text out delay. I thought that would work in jaws but it doesn't seem to help.

Your second point about dates, I've seen that happen to but I'm not sure which formats cause that to happen. Could you give some examples. Please?


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Maybe I'm just getting cranky---a definite possibility--but I find myself saying more and more often to my students, "JAWS is lying to you."

1. When opening a new document or application, JAWS often rereads the previous screen before reading the screen it just opened. To a newby, this is way confusing.

2. When reading dates, JAWS speaks a 'th' or 'st' or 'rd' after the date, even though it isn't there. It is important to me to know what I wrote, not what JAWS thinks I want to hear.

3. When working with an outline in Word 2010, JAWS often but not consistently reports the line I just pressed enter on, and not the new line with the outline number. So when I'm planning a party--my favorite outline--it says "2. send invitations' and not '3', which is where the cursor is.

I don't think I'm imagining this. Is anyone else having these kinds of issues???



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