Re: FaceBook again. Paid support.

Tusing <ptusing@...>

HI, all,

I wish to read the various threads on the History

Channel FaceBook page.

For example, people start threads about an event  in history.

Or people comment on particular actors or

Famous people being portrayed in a History Channel mini series.



One can get to a certain character or famous person portrayed in a mini series  and thus far no further.


It is hard to find important discussion threads on an era in history for example.


I have posted this a number of times.

WhenI get a real means of doing some of this, I will

Type out instruction sets and post them  here.


I am not asking  any one to help me off list for free but am willing to agree on a price and

Re inburse  such a helpful   person.


Thank you so much for responding!


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