Re: pages in word

Adrian Spratt

Yes. A way to tell which is which is to pause JAWS when you hear a number. If it’s written in the text, you know it’s from the book. If it’s a Word document page number, you’ll be able to tell when you up-arrow back to the previous line. JAWS will verbalized the preceding number as shown in the word document and not the book.


From: Kimsan [mailto:kimsansong@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 12:36 AM
Subject: pages in word


My university scanned a chapter of my book so while I was reading it, I kept hearing two different page numbers.  I’m wondering is one number the word document, and is the other number the actual page of the textbook?

If I’m correct on this that would be helpful as when reporting/doing homework and whenever using a passage from the textbook, I must include the page number of where I obtain that info. Thoughts?

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