Re: Word 2013 Blank Page


You asked, in several posts, and in several different ways, and I quote, "Can you or anyone else explain when "alt-n, n, p" would be needed in lieu of control-enter to create a new page. I can't think of a situation," and, "I remain curious whether there’s a practical difference between the page break and new page commands."

I then explained the difference between what CTRL+Enter, the page break, which simply cleaves a page, pushing part of it on to the next page while leaving a partial page of white space on the original one, and ALT+N,NP, the insert blank page, which cleaves that same page, introduces a full blank page afterward, and pushes the remainder of the original page to the top of a page after that full blank page (with the partial blank page is also present just after the insert point, too).

Then, after making that explanation, you post, "Hm. When I enter alt-n, n, p into a document, the page number after it is enumerated right after the page number preceding the code. It sounds to me as though you’re describing an “insert blank page” code."  I described the insert page break first, and the insert blank page directly afterward, and I made that point, briefly, after that post.

You have repeatedly posted what I consider really odd follow ups when I have answered questions you, or someone else, has posed directly and I have answered clearly.  I fail to comprehend why that is.  It irks me.

Now I'll let it go.


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