Re: google drive help


On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 12:06 pm, Marianne Denning wrote:
Why do you want to avoid the web based Google? That is how people
working on the same document can collaborate together.


           Can't this also be achieved by opening a Google Doc using the actual Google Doc editor by accessing the file from the local Google Drive Sync folder?

           I've never tried to do collaboration as you describe it, but I do have clients who far prefer to access files stored on their Google Drive, or shared via their Google Drive, using the "local" Google Sync Drive folder.  It's much easier to get to files that way than through the Google Drive web interface.

           I use the web interface pretty much exclusively, but I can understand why someone who was blind or visually-impaired would have a strong preference for using the Google Sync Drive that they can set up on their computer, and that appears for all the world like any other folder, rather than the web interface unless they needed to use it to add an item shared with them but that they do not own.


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