Re: I E 11: Didn't F S claim how easy it is to enter text into Edit fields with JAWS 17?

Kimber Gardner

Well, Microsoft has Edge now as their browser, so it wouldn't surprise me if support for I.E. Is dropped at some point in the future though I haven't read anything to that end. 

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First,  Tom I believe you               , because you are not the first person to post the same problem

Entering  text into   edit fields using I E 11.


Last Fall, I remember listening as to how F S claimed how easy it is to enter text into

Editfields using JAWS 17.

Obviously, they were  using I E 11 or  maybe not, in their demonstration

Accessing  edit fields.


When I  asked F S  about entering text into editfields using I E 11 or if there were any  known issues with I E 11;

I  was told no one had heard of any issues with I E 11.


I mention this as 3 months ago,  people had mentioned issues with Adobe and JAWS 16& 17; F S said there were no issues there.

Very recently , according to a person I spoke with from  Microsoft Disability help desk, the latter  issue is a known issue.


So if  there  are other issues with I E 11,

Please raise them Here as this helps all of us.


I have also heard that Microsoft plans to dump I E.


Disability help desk says otherwise.

Is  F S beefing up its supportfor I E 11?

Thank you.

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