Re: What happens with Edit fields in I E 11 with JAWS 15, latest JAWS 16 & 17?

Kimber Gardner

I haven't been able to invoke forms mode in jaws 15 ever since installing jaws 17. I know that the functionality of forms mode is a bit different in jaws 17 and figured something got corrupted. I'm running Windows 7 and I.E.11 and have this same on both my work and personal laptops. It's not a solution, but sort of nice to know it isn't just me.

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Please indicate if   one can  enter text into edit fields using

I E 11 with

JAWS 15,

Latest JAWS 16 and

JAWS 17 version?

The   imput on   This great list and the excellent posts here can give people

An idea as to how prevalent a problem is so a solution can be hopefully found.


I really do appreciate it when a JAWS user spends hours of time working with F S as Tom did  to  get a problem solved.

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