Re: Scheduling program

Soronel Haetir

I used to use getright before my connection improved, I am pretty sure
it can do that, and at the time it was accessible, but that was also a
decade ago, things may have gone down hill in the meantime.

On 1/16/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

          There is no program that I know of, per se, but this can be
accomplished manually on all versions of Windows that I've worked with, but
it's done slightly differently depending on which version of Windows you're

          Up through Windows 8.1 you just turn off automatic updating via
Windows itself and then turn it back on just before your "cheap data window"
comes into play and let it go to town then.

          In Windows 10 you go to the Network & Internet Settings, WiFi
Pane, Advanced Options Link and set the Metered Connection switch to On.
 Windows will not download Windows updates over a metered connection.  You
can go back in and set the same switch back to Off just before your "cheap
data window" then reset it to On later to prevent updates until you want to
allow them again.

Soronel Haetir

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